The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water


Thanks to the efforts of the water community, Morocco, France, and Peru, and the UNFCCC, a dedicated "Water Action Day" was organized during COP 22, which included a Dialogue about the role of the water community in supporting the UNFCCC and the role of the UNFCCC in supporting effective water management. The participants of the Dialogue, led in discussion by the OECD and AGWA, had their comments directed into a plan released today.

Organizers have prepared an Outcome Document of the Action Event on Water based upon the discussions that took place during throughout the Action Day on Water. The document contains key information that will have important ramifications for water-climate policy moving forward.

Some of the main components of this Outcomes Document include:
  • Policy recommendations
  • Messages and initiatives to be presented at the High Level Panel on Water
  • Actions to be engaged in short and mid-terms

Regarding the short term actions, Morocco, as the actual President of COP 22, through the Ministry of Water, will ensure the launch of these actions with the COP 23 Water Action representatives and all international actors involved in the water sector.

Please take a few minutes to look over this very important document and share within your network. It will play a pivotal role in shaping water-climate policy in 2017 and beyond. For more information about AGWA's policy work, visit our Policy Group page.
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