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Understanding the Role of Water in the SDGs: New Material from French Water Partnership

In 2015 new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations, setting 17 goals for each country to reach by 2030. For the first time, a water goal was set which is ambitious and complete. Water is also essential to the other 16 goals. French Water Partnership (FWP) has created new material to help everyone understand the SDGs and the important role of water within each of the 17 goals. Read below to access the PDF "SDGs User Guide" as well as an infographic poster and video.

  • It's Time to Dive In - this booklet puts into perspective the place of water within the SDGs in a very simple manner. The 25-page PDF provides an introduction to the SDGs as well as more in-depth analysis of water's importance within the 2030 Agenda.
  • Water is Essential to the SDGs - An efficient poster to show that water is everywhere within the SDGs.
  • Water at the Core of Sustainable Development - (below) A short film that contains some of the same material as the longer booklet above, designed to raise awareness for a wide audience.

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