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Livestreaming Events from COP23

Great news for anyone that couldn't make it to COP23! The UNFCCC has announced that you will be able to virtually participate. They will be live-streaming all official side events via YouTube Live using the UNFCCC Climate Change Studio channel. The broadcast will include presentation slides (as they appear on the screen) and the video of the speaker as available. Note that events will be live broadcast based on local time in Bonn, Germany. They will also be archived for future viewing. Continue reading more below for details and make sure to visit AGWA's #BlueLineBonn page for more information on all things COP23!

UNFCCC Climate Action Studio YouTube channel -

Links to live videos will appear as each day begins at the COP. Video feeds are broken down into their respective rooms. For a full schedule of UNFCCC side events, visit the official schedule or our #BlueLineBonn page for water-related events.

Those who subscribe to the UNFCCC Climate Action Studio YouTube channel will receive an automatic notification from YouTube when a live broadcast is launched. The live broadcast would be recorded and published on the UNFCCC Climate Change Studio YouTube channel and Google+ page within a few hours after the event takes place.
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