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Climate Change + Emoji = Climoji

Climate change communication is notoriously difficult, but a group of artists and students have come up with an innovative and thought-provoking new way to connect people to climate change in the 21st century: climate change emojis, or ‘Climojis.’ Designed by artists Marina Zurkow and Viniyata Pany with the help of Zurkow’s students at New York University, Climojis are a set of downloadable climate change-themed sms stickers for android and iphone that are designed to be used in text messages to spark conversations about climate change.

Like most emojis we have become familiar with, the existing climojis are creative and cute, but unlike say, a 😂 or a 🙌 , Climojis are also intentionally disturbing. They focus primarily on the negative effects of anthropogenic climate change, including images of trash-filled fish, burning forests and melting ice caps. Three out of the four humans featured in the series are drowning, which also evokes the theme of climate justice as all of the drowning people are non-white. According to a recent interview in Newsweek, the creators also plan to release a new series of climojis in the coming year with a more hopeful theme focused on mitigation, adaptation and resiliency responses. While Climojis are not intended to solve climate change, per se, the creators do hope that these cartoon images will help improve climate awareness and further integrate these concepts into everyday life.

You can learn more about Climojis and download them here:
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