The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Video Series

New Video Series from AGWA-U | Intro to Climate Adaptation and Rare

AGWA has developed graduate level professional development courses in sustainable resource management and climate adaptation. This program, known as "AGWA-U," held its inaugural course this past June at Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy.

A series of videos were developed by an AGWA-U student, Alan Hesse of Rare, as a way to illustrate some of the basic principles surrounding climate adaptation. They are great for a crash-course on climate adaptation terminology, actors, policies, and issues. Here's a list of the episodes:

  • Video 1: Overview of Climate Adaptation
  • Video 2: Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Video 3: Rare in Colombia
All three are available to watch below, or by visiting

"The Economics of Climate and Water" Video Series

In May 2014 Kathleen Dominique of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) was interviewed at length by the Secretariat Coordinator of AGWA, John Matthews. During this discussion, the two of them examined the role of economics in climate adaptation. Here are a couple of the installments. To view more of these brief videos in the series, click "Read More" below.