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New publication on Freshwater Ecosystems in Protected Areas

pittock book
A new book on Freshwater Ecosystems in Protected Areas: Conservation and Management, is edited by C. Max Finlayson, Angela H. Arthington and Jamie Pittock, and published by Routledge as part of their Series, Earthscan Studies in Water Resource Management.

Freshwater ecosystems have the greatest species diversity per unit area. This book shows that, rather than a marginal part of protected area management, freshwater conservation is central to sustaining biodiversity. The book focuses on better practices for conserving inland aquatic ecosystems in protected areas (PAs), including rivers, wetlands, swamps, other brackish and freshwater ecosystems, and coastal estuaries. With an international authorship of 32 authors for 14 chapters, the book moves from describing the basic concepts of freshwater ecosystem types and ecological principles, through to defining the characteristics of freshwater protected areas, the threats they face, before discussing how to best manage them at catchment scale, and within the global landscape, and with the perspective of climate change.

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New Tool for Virtual Experimentation with Aquatic Ecosystems

A new QGIS-based tool (WET: Water Ecosystems Tool) has just been released. WET enables model application and virtual experimentation with aquatic ecosystems. The tool wraps around a coupled GOTM-FABM-PCLake model core, which describes a wide range of physical (1D), chemical and biological processes. WET aims to ease the adaptation of models to individual lakes and drinking water reservoirs, and the tool may be used for research, teaching and management purposes. The concept behind WET has recently been published in Environmental Modelling and Software by Nielsen et al. (open access pdf available here). WET is open source, and will continue to be developed on the basis of ongoing and potential future projects. The website has just been launched, which provides additional information and download instructions.