The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Eleventh Annual Meeting of the IGWCO CoP

The 11th annual IGWCO COP meeting will be held at the ESSIC Center on the University of Maryland College Park Campus on June 10 to 12, 2015. All IGWCO COP members are invited to come as are the many more experts on water and Earth observations who are interested in the topics addressed by GEO Water and IGWCO. This meeting will be an important event for transitioning water activities from the current GEO work plan to the new GEO Work Plan.

The goals for this year's meeting are:
- review the GEOSS Water Strategy Implementation
- develop ideas to engage other SBAs
- agree on how we should represent WA-01 achievements (2006-2015)
- plan contributions to the new GEO Implementation Plan (2016-2025)

At this meeting you will be able to meet new colleagues, hear about the latest work going on under GEO, and contribute to discussions that will shape GEO water activities over the coming decade. More information, including online registration, can be found at