The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Series of Webinars from USAID and Climatelinks

USAID is sharing world-class climate knowledge, data and tools to ensure countries can predict, prepare for and adapt to change. USAID also helps countries lay the foundations for sustainable growth powered by clean energy and healthy landscapes.

In keeping with this mission, USAID and Climatelinks are offering a series of free webinars this month covering various climate adaptation topics. For the full list, read more below.

Tuesday, May 2
Euroclima Webinar Series: Climate finance and sustainable urban mobility in Latin America (in SPANISH)

Wednesday, May 3
Reducing Climate Risks in Latin American Agricultural Sector: A Tool to Prioritize Climate Smart Agriculture Interventions

Tuesday, May 9
Biophillic Cities, Integrating Nature into Urban Design and Planning

Tuesday, May 9
Water and Security in South and Southeast Asia

Interested parties should register beforehand for these free webinars. Each event has its own registration link.