The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

5th edition of SITeau: Water and climate change, for a solidarity-based Africa

The 5th SITeau Conference will be taking place soon in Casablanca, Morocco. The two-day event will promote services, technologies, and projects focused on water and climate change in Africa. These will span the water-energy-food nexus as well as WASH topics. This year's theme is "Water and climate change, for a solidarity-based Africa." The event is being coordinated by the Moroccan Coalition for Water.

When: 29-39 June
Where: Hyatt Regency; Casablanca, Morocco
How to Register: Contact to find out more. Read the event flyer here.

The conference will focus around four main themes:
  • the need to explore the water and climate change interface (plenary)
  • the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in Africa
  • water-sanitation-energy nexus (plenary)
  • resilience to climate change: means and governance (panel)