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4th Arab Water Forum

The series of the tri-annual Arab Water Fora continues to promote a regional platform for engaging Arab Water Council (AWC) members, decision makers, water resources experts, practitioners, and institutions into dialogue on all aspects of water management for growth and sustainable development in the Arab region. The 4th Arab Water Forum will be convened by the AWC under the auspices of the League of Arab States and the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation in Egypt.

When: 26-28 November, 2017
Where: Cairo, Egypt
How to Register: Visit the event website for registration details

As more than half of the freshwater resources in the Arab region are transboundary and originate from outside of the region, with increasing water scarcity, recurrent droughts, on-going crises and population displacement, water sharing is becoming the core component of water security and shall define the destiny of sustainable human development in this part of the World. In this context and in order to be a part of the global dialogue on water, AWC chose the slogan of the 4th Arab Water Forum, in line with the 8th World Water Forum’s slogan, to be
“Sharing Water ... Sharing Destiny."

The goals and objectives of the 4th Arab Water Forum will be addressed and achieved through interactive presentations and discussions covering a set of themes. Top level keynote speakers and high profile panelists will handle five themes that enhance the sharing processes within the water sectors.
The themes will span over the main issues that are currently making the priorities of the water sector in the region. They reflect the fact that water in the region is a strong shared concern which will shape the future of its people. This gives the region special challenge in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The outcome will not only be a commitment to a sustainable and prosperous future for all in the region, but also a regional contribution to the global debate at the 8th World Water Forum in Brazil next year.