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Water Governance Principles Webinar

Next week the IWRA and OECD will host a joint webinar on the OECD Water Governance Principles. These were designed to provide time and scale specific directions for governments to address present and future water concerns. The Water Governance Principles allow governments and the broader range of stakeholders to draft and implement effective, efficient, and inclusive water policies. This webinar will explore places and ways that these principles contribute to robust water governance.

When: Thursday, 15 February; 16:00-17:00 CET
Where: Webinar (online)
How to Register: Click here to register

The webinar topics include:
-Addressing the policy-implementation gaps in water services: the key role of meso-institutions.
-Stakeholder engagement in water governance as social learning: lessons from practice.
-OECD principles on water governance in practice: an assessment of existing frameworks in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and South America.
-The evolution of water governance in France from the 1960s: disputes as major drivers for radical changes within a consensual framework.

Aziza Akhmouch, Director of Cities, Urban Policies and Sustainable Development, OECD
Claude Menard, Professor Emeritus, Economics, Sorbonne Université de Paris
Susana Neto, Senior Researcher, University of Lisbon
Uta Wehn, Associate Professor, IHE - Delft

Scott McKenzie, PhD Candidate, University of British Columbia

This 90-minute webinar is based on themes discussed in the special issue of IWRA's flagship publication, Water International and in their forthcoming policy brief. These additional resources are designed to help academics, dedicated practitioners, and policy professionals further explore these timely themes.