The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Jul 2016

First regional seminar on Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Change

The Low Carbon Resilient Development Program (LCRD), with funding by USAID, is hosting the First regional seminar on Integrated Water Resources Management and Climate Change. It is being hosted in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Partnering for Adaptation and Resilience (PARA-Agua) Project (also funded by USAID). The event will take place in the Caribbean region of Colombia.

The aim of the event is to generate technical capacity at local level, by bringing IWRM and climate change knowledge to territories. Through presentations, games and workshops, local leaders and members of River Basin Boards will acquire essential tools to participate in the design and implementation of River Basin Management Plans (the basis for natural resources management in Colombia). Read More...

Europe-INBO 2016: For the Implementation of the European Water Directives

The 14th “EUROPE-INBO 2015” international conference, organized by the "Group of European Basin Authorities for the Implementation of the European Water Directives”, will take place this October at the invitation of the French Authorities and the City of Lourdes.

Within the context created by the European Commission “Blueprint”, this meeting will be organized around a preparatory workshop and 4 roundtables dealing with the updated issues of the field Implementation of the WFD and other European Water Directives. Participants will study adaptation to climate change in the basins, especially with regard to droughts and floods, transboundary cooperation, wastewater reuse and the process of reviewing the Water Framework Directive. Read More...

Applications of Remote Sensing to Soil Moisture and Evapotranspiration

ARSET is offering its first webinar series focused exclusively on soil moisture and evapotranspiration. The training is targeted at local, regional, state, federal, and international organizations interested in using satellite imagery for decision and policy-making activities.

Previous ARSET trainings focused on water resources have mainly addressed remote sensing measurements of precipitation and their applications. But precipitation is only one component of the water cycle. NASA's Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Satellite Mission is now providing new soil moisture data, and modeling frameworks are providing new evapotranspiration data. This webinar series will help attendees learn about NASA soil moisture and evapotranspiration products and how to access and apply them for water resource management. Over the course of five weeks, attendees will learn how to monitor and manage water resources with techniques learned in training. The series will begin with an introduction to satellite missions and useful data sets. Next, trainers will demonstrate online portals for accessing data. The series will conclude with specific examples of how you can apply the data and modeled data products. Read More...

SDGs and Water – Innovative approaches to capacity building to achieve the targets

These Water Webinar series are targeted at water practitioners of all levels, including policy-makers, technical staff and water educators. The aim of these series of webinars is to give an insight to the role that innovative approaches can play in supporting the achievement of SDGs in a number of ways, underlining the need for, and opportunities in integrated approaches to water management.

Throughout the series, the presenters will address a broad range of aspects – from water education, to emerging possibilities in water data collection, to technical tools and planning with nature. Topics of the upcoming sessions will, amongst others, cover using Earth Observations for improved water data, Serious Games in water education, modelling tools for managing floods and droughts, tools for development of Smart Cities, and Green infrastructure solutions for climate change adaptation. Read More...