The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water


UNEP-DHI Water Webinar Series: Approaching the SDGs through Innovation in Water Management

The concluding Water Innovation Webinars session this year will focus on Green Infrastructure (GI) in support of SDGs and climate resilience. Presenters from IUCN, Forest Trends and DHI will share their experiences in GI planning and implementation. Amongst others, examples will include inter-disciplinary knowledge, tools and approaches to ensure that nature is considered alongside built infrastructure, methods for evaluating economic benefits of GI investments, and technical tools for including GI in urban stormwater management planning. Read More...

SDGs and Water – Innovative approaches to capacity building to achieve the targets

These Water Webinar series are targeted at water practitioners of all levels, including policy-makers, technical staff and water educators. The aim of these series of webinars is to give an insight to the role that innovative approaches can play in supporting the achievement of SDGs in a number of ways, underlining the need for, and opportunities in integrated approaches to water management.

Throughout the series, the presenters will address a broad range of aspects – from water education, to emerging possibilities in water data collection, to technical tools and planning with nature. Topics of the upcoming sessions will, amongst others, cover using Earth Observations for improved water data, Serious Games in water education, modelling tools for managing floods and droughts, tools for development of Smart Cities, and Green infrastructure solutions for climate change adaptation. Read More...

Approaching the SDGs through Innovation in Water Management

UNEP-DHI Partnership in collaboration with THE ACADEMY is launching a series of webinars focusing on innovative approaches in water management relevant to closing the gap on targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and specifically the SDG6 on Water and Sanitation.

This session will focus on the role the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) will play in shaping water management practices in the decades to come. Presenters will introduce targets (and proposed indicators) under the Water and Sanitation Goal 6, and will reflect on the interlinkages between Goal 6 and other SDGs. In addition, this session will address the means of implementation, including data collection and capacity building needs in countries. The concluding presentation will have a closer look at the regional processes, through the example of The African Ministers' Council on Water (AMCOW) Monitoring and Reporting System for the Water Sector in Africa. Read More...