The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

AGWA Activities (last updated on September 12)

On this page you will find a list of recent and ongoing AGWA activities. If you would like to find out more about a particular initiative, including how you can contribute, please contact the respective AGWA member. You can also keep follow AGWA's activities by subscribing to our e-newsletter that comes out approximately once a month. The most recent newsletter can be accessed here.
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AGWA 2016-2017 Annual Report Now Available

The 2016-2017 Annual Report has been approved and released. You can now view or download the document here. It is comprised of a sections reviewing the past year's activities, outlining the plan ahead, and covering administrative/governance issues. AGWA accomplished a great deal in the past year and there is much more planned for the future.
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Community of Practice Charter Revised and Approved

AGWA's guiding document, the Community of Practice Charter, has undergone major revisions. The changes were initially proposed by an internal Task Force and have recently been approved at the Annual Members Meeting in Stockholm. You can find the updated Charter online here. Contained within the Charter are a set of Guiding Elements that shape AGWA's work and help align membership priorities. You'll also find important sections on governance, vision, mission, and more.
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World Water Week 2017

World Water Week 2017 took place 27 August - 1 September in Stockholm. World Water Week is the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues - bringing together experts from the world’s scientific, business, government and civic communities. It is organized by SIWI.

AGWA held numerous events throughout the week. You can visit our WWW page to get details on our Annual Meeting, WWW events, and more.
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Collaborative Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) Update

An AGWA initiative to support water managers who wish to mainstream climate adaptation into projects and their institutions called CRIDA (Collaborative Risk Informed Decision Analysis) is nearing publication and broader promotion. CRIDA marries decision scaling with adaptation pathways. Within AGWA, CRIDA is led by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Water & Environment Ministry), with strong support from Deltares, the World Bank, and the Pegasys Foundation. CRIDA is both a stepwise guide (coming 2017, publishing with support of the USGS and Colorado Water Institute) and an emerging community of practice, with a number of emerging regional centers globally and a growing number of implementing partners.
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Water Climate Bonds Standard

AGWA with a number of close partners — Ceres, CBI, WRI, and CDP — have been developing a standard for water-related investments issued as green bonds, integrating both climate mitigation and climate adaptation components. The final water criteria for the Climate Bond Standard has been approved -- details and press on this topic can be found here. Phase 2 of these criteria, which focuses on resilient nature-based solutions, is well along. It will enter a six-week period of public consultation in the near future.
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Increasing Capacity for Bottom-up Approaches to Climate Adaptation

The World Bank and Casey Brown's Hydrosystems Research Group at the University of Massachusetts have recently been holding training workshops on bottom-up adaptation methodologies in Massachusetts, Mexico, and Nepal, and will soon host another workshop in Korea for adaptation professionals based in Asia. Additionally, the World Bank, SIWI, and AGWA will be hosting a technical meeting on mainstreaming climate adaptation into water resources management later this year. Our partnership will also include an expansion of the site for capacity building and network level support.
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AGWA-U: Building Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation

Last June AGWA successfully conducted its first graduate and post-professional training course in climate adaptation and resource management, with a special emphasis on freshwater. Now in its second year, AGWA-U includes three courses at Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy (USA) and UNESCO-IHE (the Netherlands). These classes are designed for students in water-related disciplines and professionals seeking to develop their climate adaptation experience. Visit the AGWA-U webpage for more information about this initiative.
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#ClimateIsWater Campaign

AGWA is part of an ongoing initiative called #ClimateIsWater. This partnership is an effort to elevate the visibility for water within climate change policy dialogue. Comprised of numerous organizations from across the globe, #ClimateIsWater carries a uniform message about the importance of water in the upcoming climate negotiations and elsewhere. #ClimateIsWater's home has recently shifted to, though we still feature information about the campaign on our website as well.
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COP22 Outcome Document of the Action Event on Water

Organizers have prepared an Outcome Document of the Action Event on Water based upon the discussions that took place during throughout the Action Day on Water. The document contains key information that will have important ramifications for water-climate policy moving forward.

Some of the main components of the Outcomes Document include:
  • Policy recommendations
  • Messages and initiatives to be presented at the High Level Panel on Water
  • Actions to be engaged in short and mid-terms
You can find out more on the document as well as its important policy implications in this AGWA Blog post.
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Latest Issue of AGWA Updates Newsletter

We have just released the September issue of our monthly e-newsletter. It is available here. In this issue you'll find a few very important internal notices about the Steering Committee and the Annual Meeting. You'll also find global updates on climate and water, international events, global policy, upcoming events, funding opportunities, and recent publications.
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AGWA and SIWI Join NAIAD Project

The European Project NAIAD, entitled "Nature Insurance value: Assessment and Demonstration", coordinated by the Duero River Basin Authority and funded under the European Horizon 2020 Program, aims to operationalise the insurance value of ecosystems to reduce the human and economic cost of risks associated with water (floods and droughts) by developing and testing - with key insurers and municipalities - the concepts, tools, applications and instruments (business models) necessary for its mainstreaming. AGWA and SIWI participated in kick-off meetings in Valladolid, Spain from Jan. 30 - Feb. 2.
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AGWA in Nature Climate Change

Building on a series of workshops sponsored by the US National Science Foundation and University of Maryland through the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), AGWA has published a paper led by LeRoy Poff and Casey Brown entitled "Sustainable Water Management with Eco-Engineering Decision Scaling." The paper focuses on a new approach to co-managing environmental and water infrastructure under uncertainty. Co-authors come from organizations such as Deltares, OECD, the US Army Corps of Engineers, and SESYNC itself. The PDF is available here.