The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Governance Documents Archive
This page is an archive of a variety of important AGWA documents. From here you can view and download meeting minutes, reports, policy briefs, and more.
Community of Practice Charter - AGWA’s vision, mission, and purposes are predominantly guided by its official Charter. This document is the basis for AGWA and its work.

Annual Report 2016-2017 - The report summarizes AGWA’s policy work as well as technical programs and initiatives.  Other areas addressed include: AGWA's vision, history, membership, governance, annual budget, and other programmatic information. 

AGWA Brochure - This brochure provides an overview of AGWA's mission, programs, and activities. This two-sided pamphlet is a great crash-course in AGWA's climate adaptation efforts.

Annual Member Meeting Notes

Steering Committee Terms of Reference - This document outlines the responsibilities of AGWA Steering Committee members and their role within the organization.

Policy briefs
Targeting Climate Change - This technical paper explains how targeting climate change really means targeting water. Water is much more than a sector - it is a connector.

Disaster Risk Reduction - This policy brief explains effective water hazard preparedness and management as well as ways to mitigate the negative effects of water-related disasters.

Other Documents
Joint Proposal on Water Resilience – adaptation and mitigation to climate change - The joint proposal from Sweden, France, and Peru originated from discussions held at the 2015 World Water Week. The proposal illustrates their commitment to the importance of integrating the climate and water agenda and their receptiveness of the messages coming out of World Water Week.