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New Global Change Literature Database

START, one of the oldest of capacity-building organizations working on climate adaptation, has just launched a new database of scientific literature focusing on global environmental change, which is inclusive of climate change impacts. The database — which you can find here — is searchable and covers (at this writing) over 7000 entries.
The database looks very useful, though it has some gaps that were apparent in topic and particular publications. It is also a database rather than a library — the entries are not included, nor are links obviously present as well. These are bibliographic references, which means that the bulk of the content is located in the abstract and title.

These are not criticisms — this must have been a difficult project, and no doubt the products will evolve time. Moreover, the focus on economic development and sustainability is much appreciated. Moreover, the database includes scientific journals as well as the gray literature (such as concept or white papers, reports, and similar types of publications) as well as more traditional print and ebooks.
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