The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Building Water Security Through Green Infrastructure

Science magazine is publishing a series of six Policy Forum essays on water to coincide with leading annual water conference, World Water Week. The 3-part series of paired essays contrasts perspectives on water governance (local vs global), monitoring water (satellite vs on the ground), and green infrastructure (feasibility for emerging economies). An essay advocating for the wider deployment of green infrastructure was co-authored by John Matthews and others from AGWA. Dr. Margaret Palmer, head of the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), served as lead author for the essay. You can see the article online via the Science website or directly download it here. The counterpoint to this essay on green infrastructure is also available to download here.

AGWA’s involvement is a continuation of its work with SESYNC following a series of workshops hosted at its facilities over the past two years. The overall theme of the workshops was the bringing together of ecological and engineering perspectives with particular attention to water infrastructure projects. Participants in the SESYNC workshops developed a new risk assessment methodology known as Eco-Engineering Decision Scaling, or EEDS. Later in 2015 this emerging methodology will be featured in an article in Nature Climate Change.
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