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Designing for Climate Confidence | AGWA Members Write Chapter in "Water Monographies" Publication

The World Council of Civil Engineers, the United Nations Office in Spain and Aqualogy Foundation signed an agreement to publish a series of monographs under the topics chosen annually to commemorate the "International Year of Water" declared by the UN in the 2013-2015 triennium. At the close of last year they released the latest publication, entitled Water and Sustainable Development. This publication is a collection of pieces by different authors on a variety of issues related to water and sustainable development. You'll find pieces on the importance of the water management in sustainable development, risk assessment for water systems for a sustainable development of the communities, and sustainable initiatives on the water sector.

AGWA members John Matthews, Ad Jeuken, and Guillermo Mendoza wrote a chapter entitled "Designing for Climate Confidence: Moving Beyond Uncertainty in Sustainable Water Management" (click on link to view/download). A Spanish version is also available.

"Understanding the degree, form, and severity of climate risks facing water management and planning is necessary to achieve sustainable resource management and development goals for energy, food production, sanitation and supply, and ecosystems," (Matthews, Jeuken, and Mendoza).

Climate change and uncertainty are regularly considered as possible risks by water managers and engineers. However, the increasing pace of climate change and the acceptance of anthropogenic causes has led to a desire for new approaches in addressing these risks. The authors cover a number of new approaches to climate adaptation that are beginning to inform the decision-making and design processes in sustainable water management. These approaches include: Decision Scaling, Adaptation Pathways, Eco-Engineering Decision Scaling (EEDS), and the new Climate Risk–Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) effort, which is intended to facilitate institutional climate adaptation mainstreaming by supplementing the standard engineering design cycle.

To download the full Water Monographies publication or to view previous editions, visit
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