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Guest Blog | US-Spain Water Initiative Seeking Partners in Water Protection, Management, and Governance

This guest blog was written by Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari and Luke Wilson of the Center for Water Security and Cooperation (CWSC).

The Center for Water Security and Cooperation is announcing the establishment of the United States–Spain Water Initiative (the “Initiative”) with the support of the Spanish Ministry for Food, Agriculture and the Environment and U.S. Federal agencies. And we are looking for you - state agencies, river basin commissions, nonprofit organizations, international organizations, trade associations, commercial entities, utilities, universities and interested parties - to become Partners and lead the conversation in water protection, management and governance.

The Initiative drives collaboration and action on water by bringing together an international multi-stakeholder network of members from the public, private and nonprofit sectors to discuss and address challenges. The objectives of the Initiative are to:
  • stimulate conversation and innovate approaches to water protection, management and governance,
  • bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to generate more comprehensive, holistic approaches,
  • provide a sustainable platform for peer-to-peer and interdisciplinary exchanges and knowledge, information and data sharing related to the achievement of water security,
  • complement and enrich ongoing research and innovation,
  • prepare and publish independent guidance reports aiding stakeholders in achieving water security.

As a Partner, you will have the opportunity to expand your network, exchange information, discuss challenges and develop solutions with new partners, organize and lead working groups, sponsor an event, participate in the Annual Forum and help build the future of the Initiative. The theme of our first Biennial Water Roundtable is “Advancing Long-Term Drought Resilience” which is undoubtedly one of the most difficult challenges we face in achieving water security.

Contact Alexandra Campbell-Ferrari, Executive Director of The CWSC, at to become a Partner or to ask any questions.

The CWSC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington, D.C. Our mission is to advance water security and cultivate cooperation by building a unified body of laws, policies, practices and standards that ensure the availability of water for current and future generations, and a peaceful stable and vibrant global society. The CWSC was started to support and drive the innovation of a more consistent, comprehensive legal infrastructure that can nimbly and sustainably protect, manage and govern our water and river basins. The growing number of conflicts over water demonstrates the insufficiency of water planning, especially in light of climatic changes. The CWSC promotes the importance of legal infrastructure alongside physical infrastructure using both to guarantee the availability of safe and reliable water and the protection of our watersheds. Our legal infrastructure needs to be revisited, reevaluated, re-calibrated and updated as much as physical infrastructure. The CWSC works with stakeholders to build legal frameworks that advance water security and guarantee a future with water. For more information, go to

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