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Request for Inputs on Draft Synthesis Paper on Health and Adaptation (NWP)

We would like to share with you a draft synthesis paper from the Nairobi Work Programme (NWP) on health and adaptation based on the information provided in the submissions and discussion held during the 10th Focal Point Forum held in Marrakech on 9th November 2016. They are seeking your inputs on the paper by January 20.

The 10th Focal Point Forum of the NWP focused on the topic of health and adaptation, and was held on 9 November 2016 under an overall guidance of the Chair of the SBSTA in conjunction with SBSTA 45 in Marrakech, Morocco. Country delegates, NWP partner organizations’ representatives and health experts discussed emerging challenges and opportunities in responding to climate impacts on human health. As you know, the forum was informed by the submissions made by Parties and organizations on this topic.

The submission of information on recent work were provided by 13 Parties and 10 relevant organizations (including 6 NWP partner organizations) in the area of climate change impacts on human health, including: changes in the geographical distribution of diseases; new and emerging health issues, including tropical diseases and their impacts on social and economic structures, as well as the issues of malnutrition, waterborne diseases, vector-borne diseases and disaster impacts; and the effects of climate change on health and productivity in the work place, with implications for occupational health and safety and social protection.

Information on providing inputs:
The draft paper (word document) is available on the collaborative space- (details below on how to access) where you would be able to add your comments and inputs in track-change.
The NWP would like to request inputs on the following chapters (Information/guidelines for inputs specific to chapters are also included in the collaborative space):
  1. An overview of the submissions provided by Parties, partner organizations and relevant organizations (chapter III)
  2. An analysis of key issues based on information provided in submissions and during the 10th Focal Point Forum (chapter IV);
  3. Summary of recommendations and issues for further consideration (chapter V).

On virtual collaborative space:
In order to be added to the virtual collaborative space, please follow the steps below:
  1. Please create a user account with the UNFCCC secretariat at
    • In case you are already registered with the UNFCCC for another portal, you will be able to use the user account created for the collaborative space as well. Please skip this step and go directly to step 2.
  2. Send an email to, letting them know that you have concluded the registration process.
  3. They will then add you to the collaborative space and send you an email with further information.

If you encounter problems during the registration process please contact UNFCCC Support.
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