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New OECD Reports: Global State of National Urban Policy & National Urban Policy Review of Viet Nam

The Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has released two new reports focusing on national urban policies.

Global State of National Urban Policy
Covering 150 countries, this is the first comprehensive report which monitors and evaluates National Urban Policies at the global scale, using a clearly defined common methodology that allows international benchmarking of NUP. It is also a significant contribution to the monitoring and implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The report outlines how many countries have an explicit NUP, the thematic focus of NUP in each country, the existence or not of a dedicated urban agency or department, and the capacity available for effective policy making.

This work is a joint effort between the OECD and UN-Habitat, building on the OECD’s work on NUPs in its 35 member countries and five regional studies by UN-Habitat.

The report is an important outcome of the National Urban Policy Programme (NUPP), a global initiative launched by the OECD, UN-Habitat and Cities Alliance at the Habitat III Conference in October 2016.

Download the Report through OECD I-Library and the flyer from the OECD website.

OECD National Urban Policy Reviews: Viet Nam
This report provides a comprehensive assessment of Viet Nam’s urban policies and analyses how national spatial planning for urban areas, along with specific sectoral policies, directly and indirectly affect Viet Nam’s urban development.

It points to a number of policy areas which Viet Nam can tap into in order to fully capitalise on the unique opportunities that its urbanisation process may bring about, including urban transport, housing, land, the quality of urban environment, and urban green growth.

The review also assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of current urban governance arrangements, and provides a set of policy recommendations for Viet Nam to develop an attractive and well-managed system of large and medium-sized cities, thereby contributing to achieving its sustainable development objectives.

This report is the first OECD Urban Policy Reviews in Southeast Asia, and was produced through the collaboration with UN-Habitat and Global Green Growth Institute.

Download the Report through OECD I-Library and the Policy Highlights from the OECD website.

For more information:

· Visit the webpage on the National Urban Policy Programme (NUPP):
· Visit the webpage on cities and urban development:
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