The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

The 2018 New Climate Economy report

The 2018 report of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate is now available online to view or download. The New Climate Economy finds that bold action on climate could deliver US$26 trillion in economic benefits to 2030 (cumulative) compared with business-as-usual. It highlights the momentum already underway, the urgent need for acceleration, and the key actions that would achieve this acceleration – in 5 key economic systems including water.

Water is featured prominently in the 2018 report as a key economic system, including a chapter signaling the importance of water in inclusive and sustainable economic development. These key economic systems are highlighted as areas with the greatest potential for growth, as well as the greatest potential for reducing the risks of harmful climate change. Aside from water, the other four systems include energy, cities, food and land use, and industry.

The 2018 NCE Report is available to download as a full document or by chapter. Or, each section can be explored through interactive webpages that include maps, videos, graphics, and other resources.

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