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Launch of Alliance for Freshwater Life

The Alliance for Freshwater Life (AFL) is an interdisciplinary network of scientists, conservation professionals, educators, policy experts, creative professionals, and engaged citizens, working to improve the conservation and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems and the biodiversity therein.

The Alliance has just published its website, now available at, with a formal launch during a showcase at the upcoming World Water Week in Stockholm.

As part of the Alliance's launch, members released a paper in the journal Aquatic Conservation on 13 August. The publication is free to read or download. It outlines the need for a global alliance, what the AFL is designed to do, and how the group can bring freshwater ecosystems to the forefront of the global agenda.

Membership in the Alliance is open to any non-governmental, inter-governmental, governmental, or academic organization or individual working in the field(s) of research, communication, conservation, or policy related to freshwater biodiversity. Visit their website to find out how to join.
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