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Looking Back at 2018: A Year of Accomplishments for AGWA

As we enter into a new year, now is a great time to take a moment and look back at all that AGWA accomplished in 2018. Our secretariat, members, and collaborators have an incredible amount of things to be proud of! As a quick way to sort through the highlights of a busy year, we have compiled the a list of noteworthy achievements. These are just some of the major milestones:

  • After many years, joint efforts behind the Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA) method for water management culminated in a published book from UNESCO and ICIWaRM, with great leadership from Deltares and IWR
  • The ClimateReady Podcast has nearly completed two full seasons, representing 20 different episodes and topics reaching many thousands of listeners.
  • With World Bank, co-organized a global “Resilient Water Decisions” workshop in February to build capacity around bottom-up adaptation approaches.
  • AGWA was asked by UNFCCC Consultative Group of Experts (CGE) to contribute to three regional workshops for roughly a total of 130 national governments on how to help countries and communities adjust to climate impacts expressed through freshwater.
  • Heavily involved in UN climate policy processes, including the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action. AGWA’s Secretariat was appointed as the focal point on water. Participated in MPGCA meetings and UNFCCC intersessional meetings.
  • AGWA was very active during World Water Week, holding our 8th Annual Meeting, two official WWW sessions, and contributing to others.
  • Led coordination of the COP24 Water Action Day
  • With a broad consortium, new criteria for climate bonds around nature-based water infrastructure were launched as part of CBI’s Climate Bonds Standard. Hundreds of millions of dollars in bonds have already been issued using the criteria.
  • The Policy Group has undertaken significant growth in size and released a half dozen new policy briefs and position papers.
  • AGWA-led articles have appeared in Global Water Forum, OOSKAnews, New Security Beat, UNESCO Courier, and elsewhere. External coverage has also come from SIWI, Arup, IISD, Reuters, Global Finance, and elsewhere.
  • AGWA was represented at dozens of other conferences and workshops across the globe, including the High Level Political Forum, World Water Forum 8, AGU Fall Meeting, Asia-Pacific Climate Adaptation Forum, and many more.
  • Many other multi-year projects are ongoing, such as NAIAD, the City Water Resilience Framework, SNAPP, and work around EEDS and climate bonds.
  • Based on diverse interest within AGWA, in April we launched two new newsletters in addition to the original “AGWA Updates.” One is for the policy group and the other is around technical approaches to climate adaptation.
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