The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Cresting Research: July 2015 Selected AGWA Reading

Is "resilience" the same for the natural and social sciences? Should it be?

How do we best define "resilience" across disciplines in light of the large perceived differences in both meaning and application? And better yet, is resilience the best rallying point for collaborative work, or might there be a better motivation for bringing together disciplines from social and environmental sciences? In the third installment of “Cresting Research” (AGWA’s research spotlight), we will focus on how to reconcile the term "resilience" between social and environmental sciences and how we can get past any perceived differences to accomplish meaningful collaborative work. Read More...

#ClimateIsWater - UNDP Climate Change Project in Lebanon

In the seventh episode of the #ClimateIsWater series is Yara Daou, Project Research Assistant for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Climate Change Projects. This episode highlights some of the work being done by the UNDP Climate Change team at the Lebanese Ministry of Environment ( through their pilot project "Rainwater Harvesting from Greenhouse Tops". The project has both climate adaptation and mitigation components in addition to socioeconomic benefits for local farmers. Funding for the project was made available by the Lebanon Recovery Fund. To find out more about this project, visit

Make sure to check out this episode and keep checking on the AGWA Blog and the #ClimateIsWater Vimeo Channel ( for future installments.