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AGWA Updates: July 2019

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Closing the Gap: New tool to track water solutions for Ceres Investor Network Members

This article was written by Robin Miller, Manager, Investor Engagement, Water Program at Ceres

For the last eight years, investors, corporate executives and policymakers have
ranked water crises and extreme weather events (exacerbated by climate change) among the top five threats to economic growth and geopolitical stability. Additionally, the latest figures from the Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018 indicate that sizable parts of the global population still lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation (29 percent and 61 percent respectively) while only 59 percent of all wastewater is safely treated.

The funding needed to address the global water crisis remains comparably extensive. In the United States alone, the
American Water Works Association estimated that through 2050, $1.7 trillion USD would be needed to maintain water infrastructure. A survey in 2017 found that over 80 percent of countries reported insufficient financing to meet national water sanitation and hygiene targets.

So, how are we going to finance the solutions to the water crisis?