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Yearbook of Global Climate Action 2017

The Yearbook of Global Climate Action was launched today at a high level GCA event during COP23. The Marrakech Partnership’s 2017 Yearbook of Climate Action, drawing from thematic and regional meetings, summarizes the achievements in climate action over the last year.

The Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action was launched in COP22 in Marrakech to provide a strong roadmap for the UNFCCC process to catalyze and support climate action by Parties and non-Party stakeholders in the period from 2017 to 2020. The partnerships and initiatives of non-Party stakeholders, through the Marrakech Partnership, and in cooperation with national governments, aim to take immediate action on climate, consistent with the full implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

This Yearbook demonstrates that non-Party stakeholders are steadily progressing with climate action.

Summer School | Exploring Climate Change Challenges and Solutions in the Real World: From Research to Practice

IMPRESSIONS is an EU FP7 project focused on "Impacts and Risks from High-End Scenarios: Strategies for Innovative Solutions." The IMPRESSIONS project aims to advance understanding of the implications of high-end climate change, involving temperature increases above 2°C, and to help decision-makers apply such knowledge within adaptation and mitigation strategies.

As part of this effort, they will be offering a summer school course on climate change challenges and solutions from 21-25 May 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The aim of this summer school is to introduce IMPRESSIONS methods and tools so as to demonstrate their applications through studying the impacts of climate change and socio-economic changes in Bulgarian mountains and rural communities.

Reminder: LIVESTREAMING Water Action Day at COP23

Friday, 10 November is the second official UNFCCC Water Action Day, where you'll find a full day of events focused on the importance of water in the climate dialogue. AGWA and SIWI are co-organizers along with IUCN, World Water Council, FWP, Global Alliances for Water and Climate (GAfWaC).

The full day will be LIVESTREAMED on the UNFCCC Climate Change Studio YouTube channel -

The events take place in varying rooms, so make sure to check out the #BlueLineBonn page or the one-page SIWI/AGWA events summary to find out which channel to view. Read More...

AGWA Launching Its Own "ClimateReady" Podcast

AGWA has created a new podcast series focused on international climate change issues, stories, and initiatives. The ClimateReady Podcast features interviews and segments on emerging trends in the intersection of climate and water. Experts in policy, engineering, finance, and other sectors will provide cutting-edge perspectives and narratives on climate adaptation challenges and opportunities. AGWA has released several episodes for your listening pleasure!
  • Ep. 1 - Climate Adaptation Crash Course
  • Ep. 2 - COP23 Water & Climate Policy Primer (featuring AGWA's Co-Chair Maggie White)
  • Ep. 3 - Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  • Ep. 4 - Climate Change & Community-based Adaptation in the Himalayas
You have several listening options depending on your preference. All episodes are available on the brand new Knowledge Platform. Or, you can listen and subscribe using iTunes or SoundCloud. We hope you’ll enjoy the first few episodes and subscribe for future installments. Read More...

Livestreaming Events from COP23

Great news for anyone that couldn't make it to COP23! The UNFCCC has announced that you will be able to virtually participate. They will be live-streaming all official side events via YouTube Live using the UNFCCC Climate Change Studio channel. The broadcast will include presentation slides (as they appear on the screen) and the video of the speaker as available. Note that events will be live broadcast based on local time in Bonn, Germany. They will also be archived for future viewing. Continue reading more below for details and make sure to visit AGWA's #BlueLineBonn page for more information on all things COP23!

#ClimateIsWater Flyer for COP23 & Beyond

The #ClimateIsWater initiative has released an updated set of key messages highlighting the importance of water in climate policy dialogue. The document, now available online, is meant to help inform activities at COP23 in Bonn that run from 6-17 November. It focuses on six key ideas:
  • Water connects sectors – from energy and forests to agriculture and tourism, water has a critical role to play in both mitigation and adaptation.
  • Climate change impacts water resources first and foremost.
  • Women's lives are the most impacted when facing the adverse effects of climate change, but they are also crucial agents of change.
  • Food security, improved nutrition and health will only be achievable if there is water security.
  • Sustainable urban water management enables climate resilience in cities.
  • Water-wise climate financing is a good investment for all.

AGWA Updates: November 2017

We have just released the latest issue of AGWA Updates, our internal e-newsletter. You can access the November issue by clicking here. You'll want to check out this issue to learn about the incredible amount of activity taking place within the AGWA network. We have big plans at COP23 and plenty of other internal updates -- including the launch of an AGWA podcast series, new peer-reviewed papers coming out, and much more. It's well worth your time!

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