The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

OECD Water Governance Initiative Survey

What do you look for when searching for best practices and case studies on water governance?

The OECD Water Governance Initiative is developing a database with local, basin, national and international practices to reach the standards behind the OECD Principles on Water Governance. In doing so, it strives i) not to duplicate what already exists; ii) to be relevant to end users from a policy, decision-making and practitioner perspective; and iii) to be sufficiently pragmatic and accessible to serve the purpose at the least cost. For these reasons, they want to hear from you!

OECD invites you to fill in a short online survey of 10 questions that should take no more than 10 minutes of your time by 9 November 2016.

The survey seeks to scope the expectations and needs of our partner institutions, networks and stakeholders when searching for water governance practices. The results will shape the process (of collecting practices), the content (of practices) and the final output (possible online format). Read More...

Free Online Course | Impacts of Climate Change in Latin America

The Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research is offering a unique free online course on the Impacts of Climate Change and its Impacts in Latin America taught by 21 Latin American scientists to empower resource managers, decision makers, stakeholders, scientists to cope with climate and global changes. The course aims to provide users with a good understanding of current climate change science as well as analytical abilities in the following areas: impact of climate change on biodiversity and ecosystem services, impact of environmental global changes, international mechanisms to cope with impacts on biodiversity and the economics of climate change

The course will be launched at COP-22. The course promotes Sustainable Development Goals #4, #13 and #17. Read More...

NAP Global Network offers targeted technical support, and other news

The NAP Global Network is working to coordinate climate-resilient development on an international level. It aims to enhance national adaptation planning and action in developing countries through coordination of bilateral support and in-country actors. It also offers technical advice on the NAP process.

The network is still seeking participants, which consist of decision-makers and practitioners working on national adaptation planning in developing countries, as well as representatives of bilateral development partners providing support for adaptation. Participation in the NAP Global Network is open to all. Read More...

OOSKAnews Voice | Rain in the Desert - Merging Climate and Water Policies at Morocco’s COP22

OOSKAnews Voices is a series of guest “opinion columns” on water, written by senior participants in different parts of the international water community. The columns provide a global platform for organizations and individuals to promulgate their views and messages. In this piece John H. Matthews, co-founder and secretariat coordinator for AGWA, describes the importance of next month's COP22 conference to water.

"The Paris Agreement — the most significant climate framework since the founding of the UNFCCC — does not mention water at all, but the Paris Agreement may also be the most significant water agreement in human history. How does a policy framework that lacks any mention of water affect water management? The answer shows the gap between the climate policy world and the water world..." Read More...

Flood Risk Governance - OECD Call for case studies

The OECD has developed a Checklist for decision-makers and stakeholders to assess the performance of flood risk governance arrangements at different levels, in light of the 12 OECD Principles on Water Governance adopted in June 2015.

As foreseen in the project, OECD is extending a wide call for case studies to collect practical experience and draw policy lessons from a diversity of situations:
  • Those of you willing to participate are invited to fill-in the online Checklist by 2 November 2016 with a specific case of flood risk governance in mind;
  • Alternatively, you can also complete the Checklist in Word version accessible here and return it by email to the OECD Secretariat.

AGWA Updates: October 2016

AGWA has just released the October edition of its newsletter - available here. This issue has a great deal of the latest climate and water news as well as internal updates. You'll find sections on ecosystem and infrastructure trends, adaptive governance and policy, sustainable finance, and several upcoming events. Plus, it highlights funding opportunities and the latest publications. Read More...

#ClimateIsWater at COP22

The #ClimateIsWater Initiative has some updates leading up to COP22. The online presence of #ClimateIsWater is currently undergoing a transformation. A new webpage is being developed at, so make sure to check back soon to view the updated site.

As for COP22, #ClimateIsWater and the many organizations that take part will have a large presence. They are putting together a calendar of water events at COP22. If you would like to have your event listed, you can contact the initiative.

Please also note that six agoras will be available along the main corridor of the Civil Society Zone. Each agora can accommodate up to 50 people, for one-hour and thirty minutes debates (a slot of 90 minutes each). If you are interested in cooperating with CIW members to hold an event in one of these agoras, contact Solene at FWP who previously made a proposal. Read More...

Call for Applications | NAP Global Network Peer Exchange Award: Peru

The NAP Global Network is inviting Network participants from developing countries with proven experience/case studies in Institutional Arrangements for NAPs, Financing Implementation of NAPs and/or NAP Monitoring & Evaluation, to apply for an international peer exchange opportunity. Selected applicants will be invited to present their experience at Peru’s NAP Assembly in Lima on December 6-7, and to interact with local peers on the next steps for the implementation of the NAP document that will be launched during the event.

The NAP Global Network would cover the costs of participation (flight, accommodation, meals and incidentals) and support coordination with peers in Peru for the exchange. Submissions will be accepted by the NAP Global Network Secretariat until October 31st 2016. The Award(s) will be announced by November 7th 2016. Read More...