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Calendar of GCA events during COP 23 available online

The Global Climate Action team has the pleasure to inform you that the calendar of GCA events during COP 23 is available at

The agenda includes the second Water Action Day on Friday, 10 November. SIWI and AGWA are co-organizers of this Water Day along with IUCN, WWC, FWP and Global Alliances for Water and Climate (GAfWaC) . You can find out much more on COP23 and the #BonnBlueLine by visiting AGWA's COP23 webpage ( Read More...

Getting to Know the UNESCO Ecohydrology Networking Platform

This guest blog was written by Giuseppe Arduino, Chief Ecohydrology, Water Quality, & Water Education Section at UNESCO-IHP.

The UNESCO Ecohydrology networking platform (web platform; aims to provide access to the information exchange network and the procedure of data sharing and make data on demonstration sites available to all. It is also being designed to be a portal to inform on general ecohydrological events, conferences and seminars, funding opportunities for project proposals and to host the criteria and guidelines and online application to become a UNESCO Ecohydrology programme demonstration site.

The web platform contains a “Demosite Card” for each site, a harmonized/normalised and simplified visualisation of the main characteristics, achievements and results obtained by each demo sites and represented in a one-page format. The results obtained by the demonstration sites are seen as key milestones for the monitoring of indicators to comply with the 2030 Agenda, with reference to SDG 6 on water.

Water Criteria Phase 2 "Nature-based and Hybrid Water Infrastructure" Opens for Public Consultation

LONDON: 19/10/2017: 16:00 BST

Water Consortium Moves to Next Phase in Water Standards Development

The Climate Bonds Initiative on behalf of the Water Consortium has released Water Criteria Phase 2 Nature-based and Hybrid Water infrastructure for public consultation.

The Water Criteria is part of the overarching Climate Bonds Standard which provides investors with a verifiable, science-based screening process to evaluate bond investments bringing climate mitigation, vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning to the fixed income investment space.

The Water Criteria lay out the requirements that water infrastructure assets and/or projects must meet to be eligible for inclusion as a Certified Climate Bond. They provide a means for investors to easily categorise and prioritise water infrastructure projects against climate impacts and climate resilience factors.

The Criteria have been developed in two phases:

Phase 1 Criteria, covering engineered water infrastructure, were released by the Water Consortium to the market in October 2016.

Phase 2 Criteria have a focus on nature-based and hybrid water infrastructure, such as wetlands and watersheds including for purposes as water collection, storage, treatment and distribution, flood protection and drought resilience.

The Phase 2 Criteria aim to:
I. Certify water infrastructure that are compatible with a 2°C trajectory
II. Ensure these assets and the surrounding ecosystem are adaptive and resilient to a changing climate

Water Phase 2 Criteria have been developed throughout 2016 and 2017 by a Technical Working Group (TWG) and Industry Working Group (IWG), convened by the Climate Bonds Initiative, Ceres, CDP, the World Resources Institute (WRI) & the Alliance for Global Water Adaptation (AGWA) acting in collaboration as a Water Consortium. AGWA is supported by the Stockholm International Water Institute.


AGWA Updates: October 2017

We have just released the October issue of our AGWA Updates newsletter -- available here. This issue covers a great deal of the latest climate and water news. You'll find sections on ecosystem and infrastructure trends, adaptive governance and policy, sustainable finance, and many upcoming events. Plus, it highlights funding opportunities and a large selection of recent publications. Enjoy! Read More...

Second International Conference on Water and Climate

Second International Conference on Water and Climate
Hosted by the World Water Council and the CoP22 Presidency as represented by the State Secretariat for Water of the Kingdom of Morocco
3–4 October
Marseille, France

Following up on the July 2016 conference in Rabat, Morocco, the World Water Council and representatives of the Kingdom of Morocco with support from AGWA worked to mobilize the water community in preparation for November’s COP 23 in Bonn, Germany. About 100 attendees from four continents participated over the two days.

The conference tried to concentrate on the question of how best to integrate water thematically within the UNFCCC policies and institutions. Climate negotiators from Senegal, Bangladesh, Morocco, Germany, and El Salvador as well as many representatives from agriculture, cities, finance, the private sector, and WASH all took part. Other governmental actors ranged from a mayor to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Several suggestions were made that should be useful going forward, including a strong message for the water community to reach out to other sectors recognized by the UNFCCC and argue for how water supports (rather than is more or equally important for) their climate-related targets, an emphasis on connecting the SDGs and UNFCCC through a water lens, the need to work with subsidiary institutions within the UNFCCC on rationalizing water resources through their work (and potentially more broadly through the NDCs and NAPs), and communicating to national and UN parties humbly and effectively how water is connected to both mitigation and adaptation. Read More...

LIVESTREAM of 2nd International Conference on Water and Climate

October 3-4 will be key dates in the lead up to COP23 in Bonn. The 2nd International Conference on Water and Climate: Fostering dialogue on the road of COP23 will take place on those dates in Marseille, France. The World Water Council, with the support of the CoP22 Presidency as represented by the Delegate Ministry for Water of the Kingdom of Morocco, and with the collaboration of other international partners such as the #ClimateIsWater Initiative, will be hosting the event.

The event is by invitation only, BUT you can take part by virtually participating in a livestream. Read more below. Read More...