The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Request for Support

KIWW Seeking Submissions for TIP Platform Sessions

The TIP (Technology, Implementation, Policy) Platform, the signature program of the Korea International Water Week 2017(KIWW 2017), was designed to lead implementation based on developed policies and technologies, and aims to promote sharing knowledge and experiences on practical solutions for water challenges at various scales.

The TIP Platform will be composed of total 15 selected sessions and held from Sep, 20th to 23rd 2017 in Gyeongju, Rep. of Korea during the KIWW 2017. The program is now accepting session proposals.

Request for Inputs on Draft Synthesis Paper on Health and Adaptation (NWP)

We would like to share with you a draft synthesis paper from the Nairobi Work Programme (NWP) on health and adaptation based on the information provided in the submissions and discussion held during the 10th Focal Point Forum held in Marrakech on 9th November 2016. They are seeking your inputs on the paper by January 20.

The 10th Focal Point Forum of the NWP focused on the topic of health and adaptation, and was held on 9 November 2016 under an overall guidance of the Chair of the SBSTA in conjunction with SBSTA 45 in Marrakech, Morocco. Country delegates, NWP partner organizations’ representatives and health experts discussed emerging challenges and opportunities in responding to climate impacts on human health. As you know, the forum was informed by the submissions made by Parties and organizations on this topic.

Wetlands at Risk | Accepting Submissions for Articles

The Wetland Thematic Group (CEM, IUCN) is now accepting proposed chapters to their upcoming book Wetlands at Risk. The objective of this publication is to bring awareness about most important wetlands under risk in different world regions portraying their status, problems and conflicts related to human impacts, discussing and proposing suitable management practices and solutions for their effective recovery and conservation. Regions will be considered according to IUCN criteria.

Articles submission is open for people involved in management, research, conservation, restoration and other issues related to wetland. belonging or not to UICN. Articles that do not fit the author guidelines will not be considered and received articles will be accepted after review. A final document with ISBN number will be published under pdf format and freely distributed. However, in the case of sufficient funds availability a printed copy will be published as well.

Guidelines for submissions are listed below.


Seeking case studies and information sources that demonstrate the role of biodiversity in disaster risk reduction

Together with the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the Japanese Biodiversity Fund, IUCN is conducting assessments to document practical examples of how biodiversity contribute to disaster risk reduction (DRR). More details on the project can be found here.

Six Regional assessments are being carried out simultaneously in these regions:

1) Asia
2) South America
3) Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
4) Oceania
5) Eastern and Southern Africa
6) West and Central Africa

If you are working on initiatives or have information and case studies that demonstrate the role of biodiversity in disaster risk reduction, please get in touch with Fabiola Monty, providing a brief description of the case study. If relevant for the assessments, you will be provided with additional guidelines (expected content, number of words and deadlines) Relevant case studies will be included in one of the regional assessment reports that will be circulated as from beginning of May 2016 and will be considered for inclusion in a global synthesis planned for July 2016. Read More...