The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

City Water Resilience Approach methodology. now available

The City Water Resilience Approach has been developed in response to cities’ needs for tools and approaches to help them and their stakeholders navigate the process of building resilience. It can be used by public and private organisations, representatives from national and regional government, cities, utilities, catchment and basin authorities, the private sector and civil society groups.

The step by step methodology to enable you to use the City Water Resilience Approach is now available to download. The methodology includes resources to help cities carry out the process through every step of the way.

The AGWA Reader: Moving Beyond No-Regrets Climate Adaptation

Building on Beyond Downscaling, AGWA is preparing a guidance document for technical decision makers interested in a self-taught course in climate adaptation and robust water management. Over the past few months the secretariat have been developing an AGWA Reader. This document is a collection of text, interviews, videos, and technical readings illustrating the AGWA approach to long-term sustainable water management. Once published it will be freely available for the benefit of practitioners, investors, decision makers, and resource managers in the water community. Read More...

New Global Change Literature Database

START, one of the oldest of capacity-building organizations working on climate adaptation, has just launched a new database of scientific literature focusing on global environmental change, which is inclusive of climate change impacts. The database — which you can find here — is searchable and covers (at this writing) over 7000 entries. Read More...