The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

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Message from the Coordinator: AGWA & UNFCCC Regional Adaptation Workshops

Greetings! At the end of April, I got an email from the UN climate change convention (the UNFCCC) asking to set up a call. Such emails (and calls) are not that unusual, though the UNFCCC body was new to me - the “consultative group of experts,” or CGE.

The call began by my colleagues saying, We were asking many of our colleagues who was an expert on assessing climate risk for water, and many people — well, everyone, really — said to contact AGWA. We’re organizing three regional workshops for roughly a total of 130 national governments on the how to help countries and communities adjust to climate impacts expressed through freshwater.

Choosing Change: A Fisheries Thought Experiment

Imagine you are a fisheries manager. Lake Warner in eastern Oregon is your charge — a broad, deep lake in a mountainous terrain. Your lake swells in spring with the melting snowpack and then gradually declines until the fall rains begin. Although only fed by small streams, the Lake Warner empties to the northwest, flowing to the Deschutes River and from there to the Columbia and into the Pacific Ocean. Like most sizable bodies of water in this region, Lake Warner has a sizable salmon population that migrates between the ocean and the lake. You came to the lake as a child with your parents, and now you have a family. You love the lake as an ecosystem, and as a place of beauty. You fish there. Your family is literally nourished by the lake. Your children’s first Christmas is there. They learn to fish and hunt along the shores. Read More...