The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water


Open Access Special Issue on The productivity and profitability of small scale communal irrigation systems in South-eastern Africa

An open access special issue on The productivity and profitability of small scale communal irrigation systems in South-eastern Africa has been published in the International Journal of Water Resources Development. These 11 articles on small scale irrigation include: an exploration of the profitability and productivity barriers and opportunities; case studies from each of the three countries; an overview of extension use; income inequality; a soil water and solute learning system; the theory and application of Agricultural Innovation Platforms; policy barriers and opportunities for enhanced productivity; and an overview article on findings on productivity and profitability.

The research finds that if irrigation systems are to successfully secure food supplies under a changing climate, donors must invest in better scheme management rather than only investing in infrastructure. You can access the full volume or individual articles by visiting Read More...

Survey on Integrating Gender Considerations into Climate Change Adaptation in the Agriculture Sector

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture is currently undertaking a study to better understand the ways in which institutions are integrating gender-sensitive approaches to climate change adaptation in the agricultural sector in Latin America. The survey, implemented together with IFPRI and CCAFS, is part of the European Commission funded project IICA-EUROCLIMA, "Sustainable agriculture, Food Security, and Climate Change in Latin America", which seeks to strengthen capacity to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation into regional and national public policy. Read More...

#ClimateIsWater - UNDP Climate Change Project in Lebanon

In the seventh episode of the #ClimateIsWater series is Yara Daou, Project Research Assistant for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Climate Change Projects. This episode highlights some of the work being done by the UNDP Climate Change team at the Lebanese Ministry of Environment ( through their pilot project "Rainwater Harvesting from Greenhouse Tops". The project has both climate adaptation and mitigation components in addition to socioeconomic benefits for local farmers. Funding for the project was made available by the Lebanon Recovery Fund. To find out more about this project, visit

Make sure to check out this episode and keep checking on the AGWA Blog and the #ClimateIsWater Vimeo Channel ( for future installments.