The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

AGWA-led Course at Oregon State University

AGWA's Coordinator Dr. John Matthews will be teaching an upcoming course on "Climate-Resilient Resource Management." The one-week immersive course at Oregon State University will run from 25-29 June, 2018 at the Corvallis, OR campus (USA). It is a graduate level course designed for current grad students or professionals seeking additional training in the latest climate adaptation trends and perspectives.

Attend the premier continuing education event for natural resources graduate students and professionals.

Oregon State University’s Natural Resources Leadership Academy (NRLA) is a unique opportunity to enhance your leadership skills through hands-on experience in engaging course work and an off-site field study, preparing you to solve complicated natural resources problems.

Spend a week – or two – on the Oregon State campus with internationally renowned faculty and industry leaders studying natural resources issues. These one-week intensive learning experiences will enhance your leadership skills and prepare you to solve complicated natural resources problems. Tracks can be taken for professional development (noncredit) or graduate credit to be applied to a graduate certificate or a master’s or Ph.D. degree program. Courses take place June 18-23 and June 26-30 in Corvallis, Oregon.

Week one offerings:
  • Environmental Politics and Policy
  • Social Aspects of Sustainable Natural Resources
  • Sustainability Assessment
  • Water Conflict Management and Transformation

Week two offering:
  • Resilient and Robust Resource Management

If you are interested in learning about the Water Cooperation and Diplomacy Joint Master's Programme, continue reading below.


AGWA-U Returning Soon with Three New Courses

AGWA is a network designed to provision tools, partnerships, and technical assistance to improve effective decision making, action, governance, and analytical processes in water resources management, focusing on climate adaptation and climate change relevant scales. As a way of carrying out AGWA's vision, we have begun offering graduate-level courses in sustainable resource management and climate adaptation through an effort known as AGWA-U. The inaugural course took place in June 2016 at Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy (NRLA). Following the success of the first course, AGWA-U is returning this year through three courses over the next few months -- two at UNESCO-IHE and one at OSU's NRLA.

New Video Series from AGWA-U | Intro to Climate Adaptation and Rare

AGWA has developed graduate level professional development courses in sustainable resource management and climate adaptation. This program, known as "AGWA-U," held its inaugural course this past June at Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy.

A series of videos were developed by an AGWA-U student, Alan Hesse of Rare, as a way to illustrate some of the basic principles surrounding climate adaptation. They are great for a crash-course on climate adaptation terminology, actors, policies, and issues. Here's a list of the episodes:

  • Video 1: Overview of Climate Adaptation
  • Video 2: Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Video 3: Rare in Colombia
All three are available to watch below, or by visiting

What's AGWA's Graduate Course All About? | AGWA-U

Still unsure if you are interested in AGWA's upcoming graduate level professional development course? Oregon State University's NRLA has come up with a great video overview for the class. It's definitely worth two minutes of your time to take a look!

Fore more on AGWA-U, including the course at UNESCO-IHE, visit
Fore more on OSU's Natural Resource Leadership Academy, visit Read More...

AGWA Graduate Level Professional Development Course | AGWA-U

Interested in earning graduate level credit while expanding your knowledge on climate adaptation? You can do so through the Natural Resources Leadership Academy. They are hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, March 15 at 12-1 pm (UTC -7) for those wanting to find out more. Register here to attend.


Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy (NRLA) brings together professionals and graduate students from across the world to establish connections, enhance leadership skills and learn from experts on timely, relevant topics in today's changing world.

The NRLA is a one-stop-shop for participants to enhance their leadership skills through hands-on experience in engaging coursework and field trips, preparing them to solve complicated natural resources issues. Participants receive continuing education credits for their profession or receive graduate credits in an accelerated one-week format.

This year AGWA will be teaching a course on Resilient and Robust Resource Management. The course will run 20-24 June and registration is now open.

Knowledge around climate adaptation is inherently interdisciplinary, and we will draw from scientific, engineering, economic and finance, and governance and legal viewpoints about topics such as assessing vulnerability, defining performance indicators and developing adaptation plans. The course will draw from an international set of expertise. Emphasis will be given to those aspects of climate adaptation most important to practitioners and professionals.

You can find out more on the AGWA course by visiting here or the Natural Resources Leadership Academy here. Read More...