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The Adventures of Polo the Bear: A Story of Climate Change

This guest blog was written by Alan Hesse, author of the forthcoming book ‘The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a story of climate change’

Polo says hello
My name is Polo, and I’m a polar bear. I’m an unusual sort of polar bear, because I can speak and understand human languages, I can walk on two legs, I wear a captain’s cap, I know how to sail a boat, and I use rational thinking to get me places.

You’ll hopefully all get to know me soon, and my adventures around the world, thanks to this new book I appear in. It’s actually a comic book, and it’s called ‘The Adventures of Polo the Bear: a story of climate change’.

My creator, Alan Hesse, is one of those guys who’s not really sure what he is, or where he’s from. I’d like to add he also doesn’t know what he’s doing sometimes, but that wouldn’t be a very useful comment right now. What I do know about Alan though is that he cares passionately about the natural world – polar bears and our Arctic home included. I also know he is a wildlife conservationist and cartoonist. You may think this is a very odd job description, I certainly think so. What does conservation biology have to do with cartoons, right?! But Alan is very adamant about the two things actually going really well together; he says that in ancient times, art and science were joined, and that modern people have segregated them too much. He says he believes that there is also way too much information out there these days, that because of it, people actually get swamped and tend to shut down to important information, like on climate change for example.

That’s why he created this book, and me as the main character.