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City Water Resilience Framework

City Water Resilience Approach: New Publications on Assessing and Mitigating Urban Water Risks

As more people flock to cities around the globe, increasing demands are being placed on urban water systems. Climate change and other unprecedented stressors will exacerbate the challenges related to cities' water security in the decades to come. Developed by Arup and SIWI, the City Water Resilience Approach (CWRA) is designed to help cities grow their capacity to anticipate and mitigate water-related shocks and stressors. To commemorate World Water Day, the CWRA team has released a new set of publications to help share information and build capacity for urban water resilience.

From World Water Week: City Water Resilience Framework & Resilient Water Governance

AGWA is part of an ongoing effort to help make cities more prepared for and resilient to shocks and stresses to their water systems. The City Water Resilience Framework is a project developed by Arup with support from The Rockefeller Foundation. Leaders from the project gathered together at World Water Week last month to discuss early observations, reflect on the importance of governance, and lay out the potential role of the Framework in helping cities prioritize actions and investments to become more resilient.

Hearing how water resilience connects Miami, Mexico City, Amman, Hull, Cape Town

AGWA is part of an Arup-led project to develop and implement with five core cities a water resilience framework. The City Water Resilience Framework (CWRF) aims to help cities better prepare for and respond to shocks and stresses to their water systems.

Currently AGWA is taking part in a three-day Global Knowledge Exchange in London, bringing together City and other stakeholders to share best practice and co-design final project outputs for the City Water Resilience Framework, 100 Resilient Cities, and the Resilience Shift's Governance for Resilient Water Systems (Lloyd's Register Foundation) projects. You can read more about the project and learn about the first day of the Global Knowledge Exchange at Read More...