The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Decision Tree Framework

Invitation to submit an abstract on "Practical Challenges in the Application of DMDU Methodologies to Climate Risk Assessment and Management"

Organizers have put out a call for abstracts for the session Practical Challenges in the Application of DMDU Methodologies to Climate Risk Assessment and Management at the upcoming Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty workshop from November 5-7. The session is convened by Casey Brown (University of Massachusetts - Amherst), Patrick Ray (University of Cincinnati), Umit Taner (University of Massachusetts - Amherst), and Ad Jeuken (Deltares). This session aims to bring in the expertise from both the research and practitioners community to discuss these practical challenges of adoption of DMDU methods, such as (but not exclusively) the World Bank Decision Tree Framework, Climate Risk Informed Decision Analysis (CRIDA), adaptation pathways, and RDM.

New Episode of #ClimateReady Podcast | Designing & Planning for Resilience in Water Infrastructure

You can now listen to the latest episode of the ClimateReady Podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, or AGWA's Knowledge Platform. The latest episode focuses on decisions around planning, design, and investments in water infrastructure. The main interview comes from Dr. Patrick Ray of the Univ. of Cincinnati and UMass-Amherst's Hydrosystems Research Group. You'll hear about the concept behind bottom-up approaches to climate adaptation, the World Bank's Decision Tree Framework, and work being done in Mexico City and elsewhere to assess and address long-term climatic and non-climatic risks to water systems and infrastructure.

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