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Getting to Know the UNESCO Ecohydrology Networking Platform

This guest blog was written by Giuseppe Arduino, Chief Ecohydrology, Water Quality, & Water Education Section at UNESCO-IHP.

The UNESCO Ecohydrology networking platform (web platform; aims to provide access to the information exchange network and the procedure of data sharing and make data on demonstration sites available to all. It is also being designed to be a portal to inform on general ecohydrological events, conferences and seminars, funding opportunities for project proposals and to host the criteria and guidelines and online application to become a UNESCO Ecohydrology programme demonstration site.

The web platform contains a “Demosite Card” for each site, a harmonized/normalised and simplified visualisation of the main characteristics, achievements and results obtained by each demo sites and represented in a one-page format. The results obtained by the demonstration sites are seen as key milestones for the monitoring of indicators to comply with the 2030 Agenda, with reference to SDG 6 on water.