The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Tell Us Your #ClimateIsWater Story!

This year — 2015 — promises the most the important for climate change policy since 2010 and the Copenhagen conference. There are many differences between this year and then, but one of the biggest is that the level of seriousness is much higher and more intense. The stakes are also higher, as we set new standards and create new institutions. That's why it's important that we tell policy and decision makers why climate change is water change, and why we need to combine these efforts. This post is a call to have you engage on the issue by telling your story to the world. So far, we have had stories from the US, Pakistan, and France, and later this week we will hear from Indonesia. If you reach out to us and give us 15 minutes of your time by Skype, we will interview you as well. Alternatively, click on this entry so you can conduct your own #ClimateIsWater interviews to tell the story of those around you. All you need is a smart phone, three questions, a well-spoken friend, and a way to send the interview to us.