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OOSKAnews Voices | The Long View On Long-Term Climate Impacts: Building Cathedrals Of Resilience

The columns in OOSKAnews Voices provide a global platform for organizations and individuals to promulgate their views and messages. This article from AGWA's Coordinator proposes that cities are the landscape where most climate adaptation occurs, and that water is at the heart of these plans of action. Dr. Matthews takes the long view on resilience, comparing the lengthy but necessary courses of actions taken by cities to improve resilience to the historic processes of cathedral building. Both are "messy affairs, achieving perfection and persistence through adaptive management, patience, and clear vision." Specific attention is given to two parallel initiatives taking place in and around Mexico City to increase resilience.

"Listening to speakers, I wondered if CDMX is effectively building a new cathedral — this one to water and climate change..."

Hearing how water resilience connects Miami, Mexico City, Amman, Hull, Cape Town

AGWA is part of an Arup-led project to develop and implement with five core cities a water resilience framework. The City Water Resilience Framework (CWRF) aims to help cities better prepare for and respond to shocks and stresses to their water systems.

Currently AGWA is taking part in a three-day Global Knowledge Exchange in London, bringing together City and other stakeholders to share best practice and co-design final project outputs for the City Water Resilience Framework, 100 Resilient Cities, and the Resilience Shift's Governance for Resilient Water Systems (Lloyd's Register Foundation) projects. You can read more about the project and learn about the first day of the Global Knowledge Exchange at Read More...