The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

National Adaptation Plans

Smart Water Policies to Combat Climate Change

Beating climate change means adopting climate-resistant water management approaches because without water there is no life. People all over the world are experiencing the impacts of climate change, with very real consequences for their lives and for the natural systems on which they depend. These impacts are experienced more directly through water: floods, droughts, storms, rising temperatures and rising sea levels.

At the same time, water resources are increasingly variable, partly due to the climate crisis. Water availability and demand are becoming more unpredictable, affecting water quality and threatening sustainable development.

These challenges were discussed during the “Watering the National Adaptation Plans” event at #COP25 Spain Pavilion.

NAP Global Network offers targeted technical support, and other news

The NAP Global Network is working to coordinate climate-resilient development on an international level. It aims to enhance national adaptation planning and action in developing countries through coordination of bilateral support and in-country actors. It also offers technical advice on the NAP process.

The network is still seeking participants, which consist of decision-makers and practitioners working on national adaptation planning in developing countries, as well as representatives of bilateral development partners providing support for adaptation. Participation in the NAP Global Network is open to all. Read More...