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Call for Applications | NAP Global Network Peer Exchange Award: Peru

The NAP Global Network is inviting Network participants from developing countries with proven experience/case studies in Institutional Arrangements for NAPs, Financing Implementation of NAPs and/or NAP Monitoring & Evaluation, to apply for an international peer exchange opportunity. Selected applicants will be invited to present their experience at Peru’s NAP Assembly in Lima on December 6-7, and to interact with local peers on the next steps for the implementation of the NAP document that will be launched during the event.

The NAP Global Network would cover the costs of participation (flight, accommodation, meals and incidentals) and support coordination with peers in Peru for the exchange. Submissions will be accepted by the NAP Global Network Secretariat until October 31st 2016. The Award(s) will be announced by November 7th 2016. Read More...

#ClimateIsWater - PARA-Agua Project in Colombia and Peru

In the eleventh episode of the #ClimateIsWater series is Dr. Sergio Claure, Chief of Party for the PARA-Agua Project - an initiative funded by USAID and implemented by Aecom International Development. In this episode Dr. Claure explains some of the work that PARA-Agua is doing in Peru and Colombia to combat climate change and assist water managers in the numerous river basins. He also provides some great suggestions on how the global community can respond to climate change through building capacity, raising awareness, and supporting the scaling up of pilot projects. Lastly, he explains an intriguing concept used by PARA-Agua called "twinning" that allows communities to build off of each other's strengths and experiences.

Since these projects take place in Colombia and Peru, we made another video in Spanish to provide better access to those who it influences the most. This shorter episode further dives into the work of the PARA-Agua Project, but features Ms. Cristina Portocarrero Lau, Deputy Chief of Party – Technical.

Make sure to check out for more episodes to come! Read More...

Joint Proposal on Water Resilience – adaptation and mitigation to climate change

At the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly, the Sustainable Development Goals were signed off by 193 countries and formally adopted. This is great news for the climate adaptation community. In addition, the French, Swedish and Peruvian governments presented the countries’ joint proposal, which concerns the central nature of climate and water issues to sustainable development, at a high-level seminar in New York. Read More...