The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Private sector

New White Paper - Corporate Water Resilience in an Uncertain Future

Businesses need to address water-related risks arising from climate change impacts to not only their direct operations, but also their local communities, supply chain, and broader network. Failure to do so threatens business continuity and long-term value creation. Companies are already starting to act to build their corporate water resilience in an uncertain future due to climate change.

A new publication on Corporate Water Resilience in an Uncertain Future is now available from the United Nations Global Compact CEO Water Mandate, the Pacific Institute, along with CDP, Suez, and the WBCSD. The white paper summarizes the existing literature on the physical water-related risks of climate change to businesses and provides actionable examples of how businesses can address these risks and create corporate water adaption and resilience. Read More...

New Episode of #ClimateReady Podcast | AI for Adaptation: Addressing Climate Challenges with Data Science

Climate change is the preeminent problem of the 21st century. Why not address it with 21st century solutions? While still in development, advances in data science — specifically around big data and AI — offer new and valuable tools for climate adaptation. How is this being deployed and who is leading the charge?

In the Season 3 premiere of ClimateReady, we are joined by Paul Fleming, Corporate Water Program Manager for Microsoft ( We discuss some of the reasons why a company known primarily for computer software is leading groundbreaking developments for water management related to climate change. Paul discusses the potential for big data and AI with respect to utilities and smarter water management. We also hear about the CEO Water Mandate initiative ( and the expanding role of the private sector in addressing the century’s greatest environmental and sustainable development challenges.

Following our main interview, we introduce a new segment to the show. Underlying all of our work around climate adaptation is a sense of optimism. We can (and must!) create more resilient systems and societies. To support this idea, we are featuring short personal reflections about a “Climate of Hope.” The episode closes out with a story from Nureen Anisha, an AGWA Research Fellow and graduate student, speaking of efforts in her native Bangladesh that give her hope for the future.