The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

AGWA in NY Times

AGWA and its newly released Nature Climate Change paper are featured in the NY Times article "Heading Off Negative Impacts of Dam Projects." In this Special Report on Energy for Tomorrow, the article explains how the newly created eco-engineering decision scaling (EEDS) methodology can drastically influence the way that water managers build and operate dams going forward. Using the example of the Mekong River and its tributaries, Ms. Gies outlines the role of this novel methodology as a way of adapting to climate change in rivers worldwide. It features interviews with several AGWA members, including the paper's co-authors, Dr. LeRoy Poff and Dr. Casey Brown.

AGWA Guide and Risk Assessment Websites Now Online

AGWA has released a new resource for water managers interested in learning how to mainstream climate adaptation into their work. The AGWA Guide is now available at This resource is intended to serve as more of a self-exploration guide to the broader literature while simultaneously providing more detailed descriptions of current thinking and implementation on sustainable water resources management approaches.

For those interested in emerging risk assessment methodologies, please check out AGWA’s other new site on decision scaling and eco-engineering decision scaling (EEDS). On this site ( you’ll also find videos, interviews, and information on a new Nature Climate Change paper on EEDS, including a link to the publication. Read More...

Building Water Security Through Green Infrastructure

Science magazine is publishing a series of six Policy Forum essays on water to coincide with leading annual water conference, World Water Week. The 3-part series of paired essays contrasts perspectives on water governance (local vs global), monitoring water (satellite vs on the ground), and green infrastructure (feasibility for emerging economies). An essay advocating for the wider deployment of green infrastructure was co-authored by John Matthews and others from AGWA. Dr. Margaret Palmer, head of the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC), served as lead author for the essay. You can see the article online via the Science website or directly download it here. The counterpoint to this essay on green infrastructure is also available to download here. Read More...