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The Geography of Future Water Challenges

The Geography of Future Water Challenges
A new report from the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency provides "a global overview of development scenarios and pathways forward, within the context of the water-related challenges up to 2050." The Geography of Future Water Challenges uses infographics as well as a narrative storyboard to describe what the world would look like if development continues along business-as-usual trajectories, particularly in the context of water issues. The report highlights the need for an integrated approach to limiting climate- and water-related risks at a global scale. Read More...

Job Opening: Lead Hydrologist at Deltares

From Deltares:

Are you looking for a position in an international environment for addressing the hydrological challenges of our customers? We have an interesting vacancy available!


The unit Inland Water Systems has over 175 employees, divided into the following six departments: Operational Water Management and Early Warning, Catchment and Urban Hydrology, Flood Risk Management, River Dynamics and Inland Shipping, Fresh Water Ecology and Water Quality and Water and Delta Management.

The Department of Catchment and Urban Hydrology is involved in a wide range of projects. In the Netherlands we work for Rijkswaterstaat and the Water Boards. Internationally, we are active in projects for the World Bank Group and the Asian Development Bank, e.g. in South East Asia, South-America and Africa. Furthermore, we participate in H2020 projects for the European Union.

We develop new approaches and tools for hydrology at different levels: from the global and river basin scale to the level of districts and roads.

In the interaction with the other units / departments of Deltares we create our added value in projects focussing on integrated water management, forecasting and multi-hazard impact assessment.

The Department currently consists of 25 hydrologists, one third with a PhD. A research and development and a customer-oriented attitude are important to us. The Department is located in Delft, the Netherlands.

US-Netherlands Connection’s Professional Program (USNC Pro)

Florida Earth Foundation invites you to a professional program focusing on water infrastructure, governance and adaptation. During this five day program, participants will visit the world’s most advanced water infrastructure and management sites and connect with the engineers, administrators and operators responsible. The Dutch have been working on water challenges for more than 1,000 years, and Recently the focus has shifted to climate adaptation and resilience. Explore this shifting mindset, network with other professionals interested in water, and foster solutions that can be brought back and applied.

Each year Florida Earth takes a group of professionals in the water field or interested in learning more about water governance, policy and management techniques. The group visits the Maeslant Barrier, the largest moving structure in the world; Kinderdijk, famous for its windmills; Futureland, the land-creation project; and numerous ancient cities filled with incredible architecture. Read More...