The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

AGWA-U Returning Soon with Three New Courses

AGWA is a network designed to provision tools, partnerships, and technical assistance to improve effective decision making, action, governance, and analytical processes in water resources management, focusing on climate adaptation and climate change relevant scales. As a way of carrying out AGWA's vision, we have begun offering graduate-level courses in sustainable resource management and climate adaptation through an effort known as AGWA-U. The inaugural course took place in June 2016 at Oregon State University's Natural Resources Leadership Academy (NRLA). Following the success of the first course, AGWA-U is returning this year through three courses over the next few months -- two at UNESCO-IHE and one at OSU's NRLA.

AGWA-U: Supporting Education in Climate Change Adaptation

As a way of carrying out AGWA's vision of mainstreaming effective climate change adaptation practices, we have begun offering graduate level courses in sustainable resource management and climate adaptation. These courses, available beginning April 2016, are being offered on two different campuses -- UNESCO-IHE and Oregon State University. Registration is now open for both. The courses are designed for students in water-related disciplines as well as water professionals seeking to develop their climate adaptation experience.

AGWA is starting with these two initial courses with the goal of expanding into a more standard AGAW-U format that can be used at other universities across the globe. Visit the new "AGWA-U" website to find out more about each course, including details on dates, registration, and content. Read More...