The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Water Agency of Seine - Normandy

Ecological Engineering and Climate Risks - Call for Contributions

Paris Agreement, adopted at COP21, embodies the urgent need to adapt our societies to climate change. Among commitments countries have taken, there are ‘nature based solutions’: ecosystems restoration, forestry programs, floodplains recovery, integrated watershed and coastal zone management, etc. These solutions are generally promoted to be ‘no regret’ measures, multifunctional and consume little resources (financial, energy, natural…). Taking action for diversified and resilient ecosystems absorbing several risks related to water and sea level rise (floods, droughts, erosion…) would represent a global approach for natural risks management, thus improving the adaptation capacities of our societies to climate change. This raises a growing interest but also several questions regarding the implementation of these actions.

Water Agencies have a leading role in preserving water resources and biodiversity on its watershed and abroad. Following the adoption of its Strategy on adaptation to climate change promoting ecological engineering, the Water Agency of Seine-Normandy (AESN) organizes an international workshop: “Ecological engineering and climate risks” in September 2017. If you are a project leader in ecological engineering (local authority, farmer, company, NGO...), the workshop organizers want to learn more about your experience.