The Policy & Practice of Climate Change & Water

Water Policy

#ClimateIsWater Flyer for COP23 & Beyond

The #ClimateIsWater initiative has released an updated set of key messages highlighting the importance of water in climate policy dialogue. The document, now available online, is meant to help inform activities at COP23 in Bonn that run from 6-17 November. It focuses on six key ideas:
  • Water connects sectors – from energy and forests to agriculture and tourism, water has a critical role to play in both mitigation and adaptation.
  • Climate change impacts water resources first and foremost.
  • Women's lives are the most impacted when facing the adverse effects of climate change, but they are also crucial agents of change.
  • Food security, improved nutrition and health will only be achievable if there is water security.
  • Sustainable urban water management enables climate resilience in cities.
  • Water-wise climate financing is a good investment for all.

New Publication on Transboundary Water Cooperation

A new article entitled Improving governance in transboundary cooperation in water and climate change adaptation has come out in the journal "Water Policy." The authors examine the complexities of transboundary water governance in the face of climate change while simultaneously providing examples of lessons learned from almost a decade of cooperation on transboundary climate adaptation in water management under the UNECE Water Convention. The 63 lessons learned are also put into the context of the OECD principles on water governance. The paper concludes that developing climate change adaptation measures needs to improve in parallel the water governance system at transboundary scale.

You can find the publication online here.