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Water resources management

Global Water Forum Article on DRR, Climate Change, and Water

A group of AGWA members has written an article published by Global Water Forum entitled "Mastering disaster in a changing climate: Reducing disaster risk through resilient water management." This article was written to help facilitate constructive dialogue at COP24 around the importance of water in disaster risk reduction (DRR) policies and actions. They argue that resilient water resources management serves as the connector between the climate change and DRR communities. The article supports an update of policy, practice, and financing norms in order to better address and adapt to risks facing communities and ecosystems.

Read the full article at

AGWA Featured on the "Science History Podcast"

The Science History Podcast with Frank von Hippel features monthly interviews on important moments in the history of science. In the latest episode, AGWA's Coordinator, Dr. John Matthews, is brought in to discuss some of the history of climate change research and water resources management, and peer a little into the future of a changing world. You can listen to the episode on the podcast website or directly below. Read More...

Call for Abstracts | European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017

Following a successful turnout in previous years, organizers of EGU2017 are also this year organizing a session titled “Water Resources Management and Policy in a Changing World." Water plays a critical role in sustaining human health, food security, energy production and ecosystem services. Population growth, climate and land use change increasingly threaten water quality and quantity. Successful management of water resources requires an integrative understanding of coupled human and natural system components that can be used to generate practical, scientifically sound, economically-efficient and socially acceptable solutions that are sustainable. This session, which serves as the sister to the annual Water and Society session at the AGU meeting, provides a forum for discussing the advances in water resources systems analysis, planning and management to inform public policy, water resource allocation, conflict resolution, water governance, and sustainable development in a changing world.

Submissions for this session are welcome and can be submitted directly to Abstracts are due Wednesday, 11 January.

New Book on Water Management | Earth Observation for Water Resources Management: Current Use and Future Opportunities for the Water Sector

The World Bank has recently released a new book on water management. Earth Observation for Water Resources Management: Current Use and Future Opportunities for the Water Sector describes some key global water challenges, perspectives for remote sensing approaches, and their importance for water resources-related activities. It presents eight key types of water resources management variables, a list of sensors that can produce such information, and a description of existing data products with examples.

This book provides a series of practical guidelines that can be used by project leaders to decide whether remote sensing may be useful for the problem at hand and suitable data sources to consider if so. The book concludes with a review of the literature on reliability statistics of remote-sensed estimations.

It is now part of the World Bank's Open Knowledge Repository and can be directly accessed at The publication is available to view or download for free.