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WWF Climate Crowd

WWF Climate Crowd: Crowdsourcing human responses to climate change

What do climate change, wildlife, rural communities around the world, and collaborations between WWF and organizations like the Peace Corps have in common? WWF Climate Crowd!

Far removed from decision-making bodies and financial resources, rural communities are often left to their own devices to cope and adapt to changes in weather and climate. Indigenous, local and traditional knowledge systems could be a very useful tool for adapting to climate change, but these have not been used consistently in existing efforts. Additionally, most research has focused on the direct impacts of climate change on biodiversity, but largely neglected how human responses to climate change are impacting biodiversity.

WWF Climate Crowd is a new initiative to crowdsource information on how these communities are responding and how their responses impact biodiversity. We are collaborating with other organizations to collect this data, find and implement ways to better help communities adapt, and alter our conservation strategies in light of the information we gather.

To find out more on this new initiative, tune in to an upcoming webinar: Wednesday, May 11 at 10am EST
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